Hurry up! Free RedHat course RH024

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Technical Overview promotion code promo-rh024 It is a basic and for beginners course with only 7 to 10 minutes pear videos, although if you already have good knowledge is still good for a"refresh" knowledge, check my notes below for example. I liked in particular the booting process explanation and the System… Continue reading Hurry up! Free RedHat course RH024

openssl how to protect your .pem key file with a passphrase

Situation/Task: When creating a virtual machine on AWS EC2, you can create and download a new SSH key for this instance.  These keys do not come with passphrase protection.  This means if someone "finds" your key they can use it without restriction. Action: Good news, we can add a layer of protection by adding a passphrase password… Continue reading openssl how to protect your .pem key file with a passphrase