Cisco CCNP Routing and Switching 300-101 ROUTE

Routing and Switching Certification Comparison Chart


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Cisco Career Path


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Studies on Cisco CCNP Routing and Switching 300-101 Route

Implementing Cisco IP Routing (ROUTE v2.0)

Cisco CCNP training with Jeremy Cioara at


18. OSPF: Understanding Core OSPF Design

19. OSPF: OSPF Neighbor Relationships — The Nitty Gritty

20. OSPF: DR/BDR Relationships, Neighbor States, and SPF Algorithm

21. OSPF: Implementing Summarization on ABRs and ASBRs

22. OSPF: Special Area Types

23. OSPF: Virtual Links

24. OSPF: Configuring OSPFv3


33. BGP: Understanding Internet Connection Options

AS - Autonomous System

BGP uses TCP/179
Triggered updates only,
     5 seconds internal - iBGP
    30 seconds external - eBGP

Metric is based on Attributes

neighbours are manually set up

complex filters are typically used

is the routing protocol of the internet

management of trust and untrust

routing through AS instead of routers

the slowest routing protocol in the world

primary for ISPs but also for Enterprise Customers

34. BGP: Understanding BGP Neighbor Relationships

Neighbours never discover, manual config needed on both sides

TCP/179 must be reachable

multiple sessions to the same neighbour are not permitted, they will drop

network commands works differently with BGP than other routring protocol

we set loopback interface when are multiple connection to the same router

how to connect with the loopback address?
    we create a static route
    or we use OSPF
    or we use EIGRP
    or we use iBGP

BGP Packets
    Keep Alive

BGP States
    Open Send
    Open Confirm

Private AS - 64512 --> 65535

sample on GNS3 for AS500
# show ip protocols
# show ip interface brief
# show ip route

#conf t
    (config)# router bgp 500
    (config-router)# exit
    (config)# router bgp 501
    ! BGP is already running; AS is 500
    (config)# router bgp 500
    (config-router)# neighbour remote-as 11
    (config-router)# do show ip bgp sum

     ... 5 ..State/PfxRcd  <--- number of prefixes received routes
    (config-router)# neighbor description ISP1

    (config-router)# do show run | section router bgp

    (config-router)# neighbor shutdown

show ip route

debug ip bgp all

show ip bpg --> pay attention to the "best path >"

BGP Looking Glass

35. BGP: Understanding Key BGP Attributes

# What are BGP Attributes?
Well known BGP Attributes:
    Next Hop
    Local Preference
    Atomic Aggregate

# BGP Path Selection Process
    1 - Largest Weight
    2 - Highest Local Preference
    3 - Locally Originated
    4 - Shortest AS Path
    5 - Lowest Origin Type (  i < e < ? )
    6 - Lowest MED (metric)
    7 - eBGP over iBGP
    8 - Lowest IGP metric to neighbour
        <Maximum paths check>
    9 - Older route
   10 - Lowest Router ID

more detail in BPG – check course Cisco CCIP BGP 642-661
videos from 2 through 8 are enough

WIP – work in progress

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